British Socialite Lady Victoria Hervey and Trivago Guy Sean Borg Spotted Walking Their Dogs in Los Angeles

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 Lady Victoria Hervey and Borg

It's been almost a year since British socialite Lady Victoria Hervey has been seen with her close friend — entertainment personality Sean Borg due to the past year's ongoing Covid lockdowns.

But all that seemed far behind them as they laughed along with one another, walking their dogs in Los Angeles as they exited the swanky Château Marmont hotel off Sunset Boulevard where Sean is a guest.

Lady Hervey and Borg have been friends for almost 20 years but spent most of the past 12 months in different states — Lady Hervey lives in LA, while Borg has been living in Sedona, Arizona.

The pair were all smiles as they reunited their precious pups — Victoria's dog is a Norfolk Terrier D'Artagnan, and Sean's dogs — Japanese Chins named Eli and Olive.

Looking every inch of chic, the popular British celebrities wore outfits that compliment each other — Lady Victoria wore tan slim-fitting bikers leather jacket, skinny black jeans, and stylish black boots by Christian Louboutin.

Sean's trendy style comprises simple casual jeans and a US Army military-style camo jacket on top of a black T-shirt and cool Adidas Stan Smith tennis shoes.

Rumors are swirling that they both plan to leave the USA and head back to the UK in May after living in Los Angeles since the late 1990s.

Lady Victoria, who became famous after having a romantic relationship with Prince Andrew twenty-years when she was a successful model, is a socialite and aristocrat. She is the daughter of the 6th Marquess of Bristol, half-sister of the 7th Marquess, and sister of the 8th Marquess and Lady Isabella Hervey.

Borg is a familiar face too — mostly known for his work on the hit Fox US television news show TMZ and the latest Trivago Hotel television advertisements.

This article was first published on February 25, 2021