British model Lauren Alexis, shows off her beautiful slim figure in new Instagram post

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Lauren Alexis

Lauren took to Instagram to share this stunning snap with her fans, which created a huge buzz in the comments section. The 21 year old internet personality, Lauren Alexis, shared a photo of her sitting on the branch of a tree, rocking a tight and colourful bodysuit without a bra,paired with black cargo pants. Her hair falls down her back, just over her shoulders, as she props her hand upon her hip. The fabric on her bright-orange bodysuit compliments her slim figure. With very slight makeup, she flaunts a natural look, highlighting her clear beauty. She perfectly showcases her figure, with her flat stomach and overall gym-toned body. As well as this, a heart-shaped silver locket is peaking through her hair.

Her followers couldn't get enough of her in this picture, and they boasted their love for her in the overflowing comments section. In the caption, Lauren asks her followers to tell her a secret, and many of them took it upon themselves to do just that. One follower commented,"I don't wear bras either", joking along with the instagram model. Another follower teased,"I keep my secrets to myself", making others wonder. At only the age of 21, the British model is attracting attention across many platforms, so her followers are always able to get a glimpse of what she's up to.

One of the many platforms she uses is also YouTube, the model has over 280K subscribers and posts videos to entertain her fans regularly. One of her most recent videos showcases her amazing figure. In the recently posted video, she shows off a variety of bikinis, and mentions that she's concerned about the current coronavirus, as she's hoping she can still get away at some point this year. She states that she needs a tan, but her subscribers are quick to reassure her that still looks brilliant as she is. The comments on her YouTube videos never fail to go unnoticed, with her fans always complimenting her and waiting for the next upload. On the platform, she uploads a range of videos, her most popular ones being Fashion Hauls and Story-times. She never fails to keep her wide range of fans entertained.

This article was first published on March 18, 2020