Richard Browning, a British inventor became the real-life Iron Man after he and his company successfully pulled a Tony Stark. Browning and his team have created an actual exosuit that lets him fly above the ground just like the popular Avenger, reported iTechPost.

Browning is an entrepreneur and the mind behind the company called Gravity. As you can get by the name, the aim of the company is to help mankind defy gravity by advancing human propulsion technology. Reportedly, the company has already applied for the patent of this flight suit technology. The company also posted a video, which confirms the test has been successful.

Although the suit has a remarkable similarity with Marvel Comics' superhero the Iron Man, the company has not named the suit after the character. As noted by Hot Hardware, the suit has been named after a popular Greek Mythology figure called Daedalus. According to mythologies, Daedalus, who was was a skilled craftsman, built wings for him and his son to escape prison.

Gravity's Daedalus suit is made up of miniaturised jet engines mounted on its body particularly on the arms and legs. Tests showed that the jet engines not only lifted browning off the ground but he could also move around the test area during this successful run, reported the publication.

Previously, robotics company Sarcos Robotics also developed an exosuit, which resembled the one worn by Tom Cruise in the movie "Edge of Tomorrow". While the Daedalus lets a human fly, Sarcos' Guardian XOS exosuit basically enhanced human strength without sacrificing agility.

Reportedly Hyundai Motor is another company that is working on the creation of robotic exoskeleton suits, but Hyundai's creation is best suited for national defense as well as for heavy duty work in factories.

Gravity is already considering letting the public ride the Daedalus. It could be an amazing opportunity for the fans to finally feel how it's like to be the Iron Man.