Anthony Joshua, the British Heavyweight Boxing star, has warned legendary American heavyweight boxer, Mike Tyson, against facing off with top pugilists of the world, and has advised him to pursue exhibition bouts on his comeback.

The 54-year-old former heavyweight champion has been sharing training videos on social media as he prepares to square off against another former great Roy Jones Jr., in a much-anticipated exhibition match set to be held on September 12 in Los Angeles. "You see a clip on social media and you think: 'He's back in action, he's fighting fit'. But it's like an old-time footballer doing a crossbar challenge," Joshua said at a Sky VIP event.

Do Not Compete Against 'Young Lions': Joshua

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson Wikimedia Commons

Joshua added further: "Tyson hitting pads with ferocious behavior is second nature to him. But to someone watching from home? It's like he's going to rule the heavyweight division. "It's a passion they both love, it's what they know. Tyson has been fighting since he was 13."

"It's all they know. They haven't got to compete with the young lions of the division. We're bigger, stronger, science has improved so we have more technology," he added.

Idolizing Tyson as a Youngster

Joshua, however, had earlier ruled out any chance of him getting inside the ring with Tyson. Joshua, who currently holds four of the five heavyweight titles, said he idolized Tyson in his younger days.

"With all due respect I wouldn't," Joshua told The Sun last month. "Even if I fought Iron Mike and beat him, I think I'd be the only one cheering. People would boo. He is a legend. He is the greatest boxer of the modern era. "There are only two recognized champions the world knows of, Ali and Mike Tyson -- the most recognized faces in the world when it comes to boxing," he added.

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