British author solves UFO sighting mysteries, blames it all on US

British author Mark Pilkington has claimed that the UFO sightings reported by people all around the world are actually real, but aliens are not behind it, the US is.


Renowned British author Mark Pilkington has claimed that the UFO sightings reported by people all around the world are real because these flying entities do exist. This new theory put forward by the writer is not that enthusiastic for alien buffs, as Pilkington believes that all the mysterious flying objects which were spotted in the skies are basically US military aircraft which are out there in the skies on secret missions.

CIA responsible for UFO sightings

According to Mark Pilkington, it is the CIA which is primarily responsible for UFO sightings. The author added that the secret agency is pretty happy about people considering these flying objects extra-terrestrial since it takes off the heat surrounding several secret projects.

Mark Pilkington believes that a shadowy organization called 'Mirage Men' is primarily responsible for this cover-up. The author's 2010 book named 'Mirage Men' also talked about the mysteries surrounding UFO sightings. The author has reportedly traveled to the US while writing this book, and he researched a lot about intelligence agents, disinformation specialists, and UFO witnesses before concluding that the government is behind these flying objects spotted in the skies.

It all began after the Roswell crash

Pilkington also claimed that all these mysteries started with the Roswell UFO crash in 1947. According to the British author, the Roswell UFO crash is the biggest conspiracy which human history has ever witnessed.

It was in July 1947 that an alleged UFO crashed on Roswell. On the same day, the US military sensationally announced that they have recovered the remnants of a fallen flying saucer. But on the very next day, the army officials denied it and revealed that it is a damaged US army balloon. Pilkington believes that the supposed alien dead bodies retrieved from the site were actually test-dummies and the UFO was originally a US balloon intended to spy on the Russians.

Pilkington also makes it clear that the US had built so many mysterious flying objects during the Cold War era to end the dominance of USSR in space, including the Stealth aircraft.

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