Britain's PM Boris Johnson still recovering from Coronavirus at country residence: Spokesperson

The deadly virus outbreak has created havoc around the world and has spread to more than 170 countries

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is still continuing his recovery from the coronavirus or COVID-19 at his country residence and any decision about returning to work in London will be taken as per doctors advice, his spokesperson stated on Friday.

Boris Johnson still recovering from Coronavirus

Boris Johnson
UK PM Boris Johnson in hospital Wikimedia commons

The Daily Telegraph newspaper had reported that the prime minister was planning for a return on Monday but the spokesperson declined the speculations mentioning that the pm has been doing more this week as he spoke with US President Donald Trump.

"He is continuing his recovery at Chequers. He continues to receive updates from Number 10 (Downing Street) on the coronavirus response and to speak with his colleagues," the spokesman said. "He was only discharged from hospital less than two weeks ago and he did have to spend some time in an intensive care unit, so as you'd expect he will want to have medical advice before he returns to work in Number 10."

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