Britain PM Is Going to Join Nationwide Clapping for NHS

The NHS got launched on this day in 1948, with the main principle that it is free at the point of delivery and is based on the clinical need

The Prime Minister of UK Bris Johnson is going to join a worldwide round of the clapping on Sunday for paying tribute to National Health Service (NHS) staff on its 72nd anniversary.

The public are being encouraged for giving a round of applause at around 5 pm for all those who helped for saving the lives of people during the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, the BBC confirmed.

On Saturday, UK landmarks were lit up blue in celebration and remembrance. Downing Street, the Royal Albert Hall, Blackpool Tower, the Shard and the Wembley Arch were all illuminated and a minute's silence was held to remember those who have died during the pandemic.

Boris Johnson Supporting NHS Staff

Boris Johnson
UK PM Boris Johnson in hospital Wikimedia commons

People were also asked to place lights their windows in a show of remembrance on Saturday night, with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, lighting a candle in Canterbury Cathedral.

Later on Sunday, a World War Two Spitfire plane with the words "Thank U NHS" painted on its underside will tip its wings above hospitals and the homes of fundraisers and volunteers, recognizing the way people have supported the NHS and local communities during the pandemic.

The NHS was launched on this day in 1948, with the core principle that it is free at the point of delivery and is based on clinical need. In a video message to mark the occasion, Prince Charles paid tribute to staff working through "the most testing time in the service's history", the BBC reported.

"Despite all that has been endured, there is deep cause for gratitude, and a true reason for pride," he said. The Prince of Wales also said the pandemic had brought out the best in people, adding: "This renewal of our community spirit has been a silver lining during this dark time."

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