Bringing in new trends everyday is the social media influencer and blogger Youssef Chreiba

Youssef Chreiba

It's surprising how things change around us so quickly every day. From technology to entertainment, we always see new trends surfacing and it's something that all of us want to be a part of. The fear of missing out is everywhere in the current generation, especially when it comes to trends. But where do these trends come from? Well, it's the influencers and the bloggers who always bring something new for the audience, and owing to their huge follower base, it becomes viral. Youssef Chreiba is one such influencer who is acing the field of fashion and lifestyle with his expertise.

The young man had started off his journey as a model. He slowly became really popular on social media and people started loving his content. Maybe that is the reason why his Instagram filter called Barbie Freckles is one of the most loved ones amongst the audience. With a reach of more than 350 Million users worldwide, it speaks of the kind of love he gets from the audience.

Talking about new trends, Youssef says, "Change is a part and parcel of everything that we do. To keep your followers engaged, you need to be updated with what people like and dislike these days. That is how you can bring in new content and create your own trends."

Having worked with popular designers like IssamWachma and Hicham Benslimane, the young man has also collaborated with a number of brands. Oliver Luxe, Luxury Wristwear, James Polo, Lord Timepieces, SLVR & Co, and MAX RENE Denmark are just to name a few. Youssef has also been the ambassador of the brands Bisilio and Willy Thomas.

While the model holds a degree in infographics, design, and programming, it is the world of fashion and lifestyle that interests him the most. Setting himself apart from the others, he has been creating unique content for his followers. Going by what Chreiba says, he has never believed in blending in!