Bring The Power of Meditation Wherever You Go, With Level Supermind

Level Supermind

Whenever it comes to words like Yoga, and Meditation, the millennials, and Gen-Z think of them as something done on vacations and retreats. While these may sound intriguing to them, they put off such activities for a time when they are not burdened down with work or studies.

This can be changed with Level Supermind- an app that not only makes meditation easily accessible, but offers it as also a tool to boost your mind's performance.

Level Supermind makes meditation an easy and beneficial practice for all. With short guided meditations in regional languages as well, it caters to people of all age groups and lifestyles.

The app is becoming a favourite among students preparing for competitive exams and young professionals. It is available on iOS and Android and allows you to get sharper and focused mins in just a few taps.

Apart from guided meditations, it has other features like quick home workouts, bedtime stories, and dedicated journaling space. These features have been developed with the help of insights from leading spiritual gurus and neuroscientists to strike a balance between science and spirituality for improving brain performance.

Different types of journals allow you to reflect on your thoughts and measure your growth. With regular use of the app, users report improved memory retention, renewed ability to concentrate and focus, and a newfound clarity in their brain that enables them to take on more opportunities and work hard.

Level Supermind also helps users reach their fitness goals with expert-designed home workouts for mind-muscle connection, and choose from a list of calming music while working.

Level Supermind's commitment to making meditation accessible and spreading awareness about its benefits extends beyond the digital realm. Their meditation workshops in BMC schools have brought kids closer to mindful activities, and meditation. The enthusiasm with which the app and its tools have been embraced by all ages and people is a sign of times where the importance of meditation for better mind performance is getting due attention.

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