A Brief Description Of The Valuable Records Of Professor Seyyed Mohammad Arshianfar

Seyyed Mohammad Arshianfar

Seyyed Mohammad Arshianfar, born on 07/30/1976, the founder of Arshian International Group, with more than 26 years of experience in teaching and working in the fields of: personal transformation, family transformation, organizational transformation, education and business, who owns one of the largest educational collections in the field of financial success and Personal development is on the web and social networks.

From the point of view of Professor Arshianfar, individual transformation means that you have the power to change yourself. Your change can be shown through your behavior and ultimately cause very new and amazing results in your life. In this case, you will experience a different feeling.

When you prepare the mind to achieve the goal, slowly the changes begin. One of the things that may stop your intellectual growth is that you are always looking for a reason to tell yourself it won't work. In other words, you are looking for a reason to tell yourself many times throughout the day that my wishes will not come true. I can't get the things I want. You don't need a special person to be present for personal and personality transformations and personal transformation management. Because you alone can strive to achieve your goals. For personal transformation, you need will, in fact, you need burning passion.

Also, the master of family transformation is expressed as follows: the family is not a static social unit, but a process of continuous change. The entry of people into the family group or leaving it causes changes in the family. If we consider change to be normal according to human life, we should also see the family as very flexible with constant fluctuation and mostly in a state of imbalance. Like all living organisms, the family wants to survive and continue, and its change is sometimes in order to maintain survival and balance. Each family has its own rhythm, speed, rewards, events, harmonies and incompatibilities, which should be considered in accepting a reference and a general framework for the transformation of families.

Families have duties and responsibilities corresponding to that stage in each stage of development; Also, the psychological characteristics of people and the problems of each stage are different from other stages. Therefore, it is necessary to guide and solve problems and try to grow it according to the developmental stage of the family.