Bride of the Water God: New teaser shows glimpse of the power of Water God

Bride of the Water God will officially start airing on July 3rd at 10:50PM KST

Bride of the Water God
tvN's 'Bride of the Water God.' of the Water God 2017 하백의 신부 2017

The new tvN drama Bride of the Water God is about to premiere next month and recently released another short, beautiful teaser which doesn't really reveal much of the plot.

In the recent teaser, water god, Ha-baek and his human servant, So-ah is seen taking a stroll through a field and just then the dark rain clouds roll in. Ha-baek uses his power and creates a little air bubble around him pulling So-ah close in order to protect her from the rain.

The story of the tvN's new drama is all set in a fantasy world. According to the reports, the story is of a village where the inhabitants sacrifice young women to water God because the village has been plagued by many years of drought. One of the young women sacrificed becomes his bride, and complications start.

The drama is reportedly a spin-off of the original manwha having the same name and is reported that they'll keep the characters original and rework on the setting mainly to a modern one.

According to dramabeans, there are some newly released info on Ha-baek in which he is described as a 'god fatale' (femme fatale) because of his handsome looks and high divine status. In the teaser as well he addresses himself as 'water god-nim,' suggesting that he is calling himself as 'your majesty/divinity.'

Bride of the Water God is written by Jang Yoon Jung, whose previous well-known work includes Arang and the Magistrate.

Bride of the Water God will officially start airing on July 3rd at 10:50PM KST.

This article was first published on June 11, 2017