Bride of the Water God: Jeon So Min to make appearance in a cameo role

Producer says viewers can expect a very impactful scene in the upcoming episodes.

Jeon So-min
Actress Jeon So-min.

'The Bride of Habaek' or as it is popularly known, 'Bride of the Water God,' got off to a bumpy start due to mixed reviews. Some said the drama does not live up to the hype, others were disappointed with Nam Joo-hyuk's acting. However, there is interesting news for viewers. Actress Jeon So-min will make a cameo appearance in the drama.

Website Allkpop notes that 'Running Man' regular member Jeon So-min will be making a special appearance in episode 4 of 'Bride of the Water God,' which will air on July 11. The actress will play a patient who becomes a client at the office of Shin Se-kyung's neuropsychiatrist character So-ah.

"I am very grateful that Jeon So-min accepted a role for this drama. I have been keeping an eye on her acting through various works she's done. Many viewers can expect to see a very impactful scene for the upcoming episode," the producer of 'Bride of the Water God' said regarding Jeon So-min's casting.

As for the mixed reception of the drama, website Soompi noted the overall tone of 'Bride of the Water God,' which gained press coverage due to its alleged similarities to the excellent 'Goblin' or 'Guardian: The Lonely and Great God,' felt generally light-hearted and comedic, unlike the Gong Yoo starrer. Nam Joo-hyuk's character also lacks much understanding of humans and the world, unlike Gong Yoo's immortal warrior.

While Nam Joo-hyuk's performance, along with his constant cheesy dialogues, was disliked by many, while Shin Se-kyung's performance was praised. She was able to portray the melancholy of a debt-ridden neuropsychiatrist rather well.

In the first episode that aired on July 3, Habaek, the Water God, is shown to have lost his powers after descending to this world. He and So-ah stumble upon each other at a time when the latter is conflicted with the notion of selling off her father's land to clear her debts. At the end of the episode, Habaek is seen trying to seduce So-ah. This may have been off-putting to viewers considering she was in so much distress earlier.

The rating for the first episode across South Korea was 3.660 percent as per AGB Nielsen Korea. In the second episode, which aired July 4, ratings fell to 3.259 percent; a drop of 0.401 percent. 'Bride of the Water God' airs on tvN every Monday and Tuesday at 10:55 p.m. KST. The next episodes will air on July 10 and 11.

This article was first published on July 8, 2017