HILARIOUS: Bride-to-be Sends Fiance Tumbling Into Water Shortly After He Proposes to Her [VIDEO]

People go out of their way to make proposals memorable but a certain couple did not have to try very hard as a viral video on twitter shows one turn into a comic disaster

Marriage proposals are special and rightfully so, after all, it is the first step towards sealing your commitment to your partner. It is not unheard of to see people go out of their way to make it as special and memorable as possible but a certain couple today did not have to try very hard.

The now-viral video on Twitter shows an unnamed man proposing to his fiance-to-be while he stands on a boat and she on another. After what seems to be a successful proposal with the woman saying yes and leaning forward for an embrace, the excited bride is seen falling, hitting the throttle of her vehicle, sending it flying forward while the man tumbles into the water.

Man proposal
Screen Capture / Twitter / @TheoShantonas

The video posted by Twitter user Theo Shantonas went viral and received over 87,000 views and numerous reactions from viewers.

Twitterati's Mixed Reactions

While some users found the scenario hilarious and viewed it as a moment that the couple would cherish in the years to come, others shared their own disastrous experiences in the comment section.

"My first date with my wife was running around outside her house naked, she wanted to know if I was serious about her & I was. We laugh about it to this day. Congrats 2 them" a user commented. Many however were concerned about the couple's health, "Where and when was this, I really need to know if they were ok..," a user wrote.

Theo Shantonas however soon tweeted requesting other users to not direct any negativity towards the couple after getting in touch with the man in the video. He mentioned that the proposal was successful and that both of them were okay.

Just An Unfortunate Accident

Shantonas' clarification came after many users were found joking about how the union is likely to be as disastrous as the proposal. Some even went to extent of calling it a sign from the almighty to not take the relationship forward. Apart from Shantonas, many users also addressed such comments and requested others to target the couple. "There should be no negative tweets. This couple just had an unfortunate accident. I hope both are OK and have a long wonderful marriage!" a user said.

This article was first published on September 28, 2020