Brick Township shooting: Victim grazed, schools in the New Jersey township under lockdown

Authorities said that they have secured the area of the incident but the investigation is still underway.

Brick Township Police Department
Facebook/Brick Township Police Department

Schools in Brick Township in New Jersey were on lockdown after shots were fired near a school Tuesday. Police responded to Brick Memorial High School near which the shooting was reported.

One student was grazed by a bullet near the school, Brick Township Police Sgt. Jim Kelly said, adding that the victim into the school for help after being injured. Local media reports said the victim was being treated. The age and identity of the victim were not revealed. However, authorities said that the parents were at the hospital with the injured.

"Police are at Brick Memorial responding to the reports of shots fired. The scene appears to be secure at this time. We will continue with updates via social media. Please keep the surrounding area clear. Do not respond to the school. We currently have everything under control," the department said in a statement on Facebook.

"At this time we can report that one victim received a non-life threatening wound and is with their parents, being treated. The scene is secure, and surrounding schools are locked down until we can safely remove all students and staff," the department said. "It does not appear the shooting occurred inside the school. At this time there are no further reported injuries. We will keep you updated via our social media."

Police requested the public to stay away from the school and keep the area clear of traffic.

This is a developing story.

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