Ukraine Carries Out Airstrikes on Oil Depot in Russia's Belgorod; Videos Show Massive Explosions (WATCH)

Ukraine has carried out an airstrike on an oil depot in Russia, resulting in a massive explosion with flames and smoke billowing up in the sky. Two Ukrainian helicopters fired at Russia's oil facilities at Belgorod.

Regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov claimed that the attack caused a massive fire and alleged that the two helicopters had entered the Russian territory flying at low altitudes.

Explosions at an oil depot in Belgorod
Explosions at an oil depot in Belgorod Twitter

Helicopters Fired Missiles

Visuals of the site that appeared on the internet have shown that several missiles were fired from a low altitude at the oil facility, leading to a massive explosion.

The governor has revealed that two people were hurt in the fire but the company which owns the oil depot, Russian oil firm Rosneft, has said that no one was injured in the fire.

Gladkov also revealed that Ukraine targeted the facility with S-8 rockets. However, the Ukrainian government is yet to confirm that they targetted the oil depot.

Explosions at Russian oil depot
Explosions at Russian oil depot after Ukranian airstrike Twitter

Residents Being Evacuated

Visuals have shown that the incident took place early in the morning. Two helicopters were seen in the videos flying close to the facility and targeting it with missiles.

Local authorities have evacuated the residents of three city streets to prevent them from any severe consequences.

Governor Gladkov had previously said that this week's explosion at an arms depot in Belgorod could have been the result of fire as Ukraine had denied its involvement in the incident.

Explosions at Russian oil depot after Ukranian airstrike
Explosions at Russian oil depot after Ukranian airstrike Twitter

Gladkov also said that the local authorities are in touch with the Defence Ministry and awaiting their confirmation of the incident.

Two days before, the Russian state media had reported that Ukraine shelling at the Belgorod arsenal caused the arms depot to explode.

Russian state media reported that Ukraine shelling struck the arsenal causing it to explode in the blast two days ago. At least four injuries were believed to be in the incident.

Locals had conveyed that the incident was triggered via drones or small-range missiles.

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