BREAKING: UK's Secretary of State for Health & Social Care Matt Hancock tests positive for Covid-19

The Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock in the UK has tested positive for the Covid-19 after the UK PM tests positive for the new coronavirus earlier today

The British Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock tweeted that he has tested positive for Covid-19 as of Friday. Hancock is said to have mild symptoms and is in self-isolation at his home.

Prior to the Health Secretary being tested positive the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson also revealed that he tested positive for Novel Coronavirus. The tweet by the secretary said that he followed the medical advice and currently following all the required guidelines. The Tweet also revealed that his symptoms are mild. He asked people to follow the guideline, protect the NHS and "save lives".

The UK government bought 3.5 million antibody tests for Covid-19 said the health secretary earlier this week. There is a rising criticism that the government is overlooking the need for testing the NHS staff and other key medical workers in the country.

Matt Hancock
Matt Hancock Wikimedia Commons

The testing of the NHS staff

The government has set no particular time for the tests to arrive as of now. The Conservative MP and the Health Minister Nadine Dorries had tested positive for the Coronavirus on March 11. The absence of the testing for doctors and nurses who are at the forefront while battling the Coronavirus has deeply upset the people.

Although Dorries is said to be immune to the Coronavirus, there have been certain cases where people have been tested positive a second time. But, there are suggestions that the second time around the disease cannot be infectious. It has not been proved yet.

Hancock had also assured the key healthcare workers who have requested for better protective gear.

As soon as Hancock posted the information about his health, the people in the UK reacted by questioning where are the test kits and other equipment. So far the country's leading response team has been affected by the Coronavirus after several public interactions in the earlier stages of the Coronavirus spread.

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