S.Korea Authorities Receive 3,580 Missing Person Complaints After Itaewon Halloween Stampede

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UPDATE: CNN reported on Monday that the death toll in the horrific Halloween stampede stood at 154. South Korean authorities are still investigating the cause of the crush, which was one of the worst disasters the country faced. Among the dead are at least 26 foreign nationals, including two US citizens.

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The South Korean government is grappling with thousands of missing person complaints after the deadly stampede in Seoul on Saturday night. The authorities have got at least 3,580 missing person reports as noon local time on Sunday, according to CNN.

The official death toll in the human crush in Itaewon entertainment district is 151. Scores of people have been injured and are under treatment. The Seoul Metropolitan Government has set up a situation room after the tragedy even as hundreds of relatives of missing people have been scouring through hospitals. The authorities are receiving missing person complaints through personal visits and phone calls.

Seoul stampede
Bodies seen lying on the street, while dozens receive CPR after suffering cardiac arrest Twitter

100,000-Strong Crowd

At least 151 people died in a stampede in South Korea on Saturday night after being crushed by a 100,000-strong crowd on a narrow street during Halloween festivities. Dozens of people suffered cardiac arrest, reports said. Harrowing videos show dead bodies lying on the streets, while dozens were seen receiving medical assistance on the road.

Seoul stampede
People being given CPR after they suffered cardiac arrest during Halloween festivities in Seoul Twitter

Among the dead, 19 are foreigners. Besides hundreds were hurt, according to a National Fire Agency official. The deadly tragedy unfolded in Seoul's Itaewon entertainment district. More than 599 were being treated for cardiac arrest as of early Sunday, according to the official. It's estimated that hundreds of thousands of people flocked to Seoul for the 2022 Halloween Festival.

This article was first published on October 30, 2022