Breaking News: Hungarian Tímea Babos and Czech Andrea Hlaváčková are in finals of WTA Finals Singapore

Women's doubles semi-final match was the last tennis appearance of Martina Hingis.

WTA Finals Singapore
Martina Hingis and Chan Yung-jan are out of the WTA Finals Reuters

The first match of the women's doubles semi-final in 2017 WTA Finals was an unforgettable battle between two world-class tennis pairs. The match was ended with a victory by the Hungarian Tímea Babos and Czech Andrea Hlaváčková over the Swiss great Martina Hingis and Taiwanese Chan Yung-jan by 6-4, 7-6.

The tennis world had a high hope from Hingis, as she has already announced her retirement after the 2017 WTA Finals. So Singaporean tennis fans were hoping to see Hingis for one more time in the finals. But Babos and Hlaváčková proved that they are going nowhere but in the finals of the tournament.

While in the opening set of the women's doubles semi-final match Babos and Hlaváčková showed their focus to the opponents, the 25-time grand slam winner Hingis and her Chan Yung-jan managed to show their abilities. But Babos and Hlaváčková did not give them a chance to set their pace and took the first set by 6-4.

In the second set, both the pairs won five games each. Then Hingis came to serve for the sixth game and gained 40 points.

While the 37-year-old Hingis and Chan were leading with 40-0, unfortunately, Babos flicked her ankle and sat down on the court. The umpire announced a medical timeout for the 24-year-old Babos.

When the center court crowd was eagerly waiting for the match to resume, after receiving the medical attention Babos decided to return and finish the match with grace. However, the interrupted game was taken by Hingis.

When the second set ended with six games all, the umpire announced for a tie-break match. The early lead was taken by Babos and her teammate Hlaváčková. But Hingis and the 28-year-old fought back and Chan fought back and changed the momentum by 5-4.

But Babos and Hlaváčková tried their level best to change the scenario and finally defeated Hingis and Chan by scoring 7-5 in the tie-break round.

"It's difficult to speak, I don't think we still quite believe it. I thought it wasn't even the match point and I just wanted to make that point so badly and that back-hand return," Babos said in a post-match interview.

I am really glad to make here. We had a lot of difficulties during the match so just to be able to finish here and thank you to the crowd for helping me especially after my little moment on the ground. Thank you again for being there for us," she further added.

Five years ago Hlaváčková played in the final match of WTA Finals and in 2017 she will be again competing for the title with her partner Babos in Singapore.

"I am so happy. I thin I beat Martina only twice in my life and I am really sorry that it has to be her last match but I am so happy for how we played," the 31-year-old said.

"I got into such a zone and the crowd kept us going that I didn't even feel like the match is about winning and losing, I just played and kept on going until the last moment. I am so thrilled about the atmosphere here in Singapore," she concluded.