Breaking the Mould:the Travel Adventures and Entrepreneurial Pursuits of Ravi Rajapaksha

Ravi Rajapaksha

Ravi Rajapaksha isn't what you would envision your average, incredibly successful CEO to look like. The avid traveler devotes a lot of his time to exploring the world, going on new adventures and sharing his positive outlook with his large Instagram following.

Rajapaksha is an investor, PR specialist, Instagram marketer, and innovative CEO who has transformed many clients' businesses thanks to his knowledge of the digital world. He has helped clients skyrocket their social media and dominate platforms like Instagram and has been at the forefront of many successful digital marketing and PR campaigns.

Rajapaksha is the founder and CEO of Nextenco, a popular digital marketing agency that has made headlines in the digital marketing world for its numerous successful campaigns. Although Rajapaksha is busy and successful, he is incredibly down to earth and enjoys exploring the globe and sharing the valuable lessons he learns with others.

He has traveled to many exciting destinations and is also the owner of the Sri Lankan tour firm 'Sri Lanka Elephant Safari.' His in-depth knowledge of Sri Lanka's national parks and elephants motivated him to create a tour that brings tourists up close and personal with these beautiful creatures.

Ravi Rajapaksha is an innovative creative who breaks the mould of traditional business ownership. His nomadic lifestyle allows him to travel the world and share his marketing knowledge with clients. His Instagram showcases his travel adventures, and he has created filters for travel images that went viral online.

Rajapaksha is renowned for motivating influencer's and businesses alike to achieve social media greatness. His book, 'How to Gain Profits on Instagram for Small Business, has helped multiple small-scale businesses successfully monetize their Instagram. He offers social media services, public relations services, growth strategies, and coaching for any entrepreneur looking to become a digital nomad.

Rajapaksha's latest entrepreneurial venture is the 'Thug Ape NFT Club.' Inspired by his multiple successful cryptocurrency investments, Ravi hopes to release an NFT collection into the market throughout 2022. He hopes to inspire others to make excellent investments in cryptocurrency going forward.

Ravi's success as an Instagram travel influencer and his passion for breaking the mould and being an avid adventurer stemmed from growing up in Kandalama. This small town is a tourist hotspot, and Rajapaksha worked hard to work his way up through the tourism industry from a young age. It's this experience that instilled a love for experiencing the world within him.

Rajapaksha is most known for his Sri Lankan travels. He has documented the true beauty of this country for his followers and shares stunning photography of the beautiful natural landscapes of Sri Lanka. He is also a philanthropist and has been involved in charitable initiatives, including Save the Elephants and cleaning up our oceans.

It's safe to say that Ravi Rajapaksha is a big dreamer. He inspires young people to think outside of the box and chase their dreams. He is helping real people make their online business dreams a reality every day while exploring our planet and sharing his travels, advice, and ideologies with his fans. Ravi Rajapaksha is a trail-blazer in both travel and entrepreneurship, and he is definitely one to watch in the next few years.