A criminal suspect armed with a hand grenade has kidnapped a senior police officer in central Ukraine and fled, the officials stated on Thursday. When the police attempted to detain the man, who is accused of stealing a car outside a court building located in Poltava, the suspect threatened them with the grenade and took one of the officials as a hostage.

The man then swapped the officer for the chief of regional criminal police and drove away in a car given to him by the police on his demand. An operation to capture the man is currently underway, as reported by ABC news.

Police Chief Kidnapped

crime scene
A crime scene (For representational purposes onlu). Pixabay

This incident in Poltava comes just two days after another man who was also armed seized 13 hostages on a bus in the western city of Lutsk and held them for over 12 hours before surrendering to the police. All the hostages got released unharmed.

The man agreed to release the hostages after a call with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who agreed to post a video and urge all the Ukrainians to watch 'Earthlings', which is an American documentary that exposed the cruelty of humankind in exploiting animals.