Brazilian Woman Bites Off Man's Testicle as He, Allegedly, Tried to Rape Her [Graphic Content]

The man who lost a testicle claims he is innocent and victim of an unprovoked assault. Police are yet to file charges against either party.

A woman in the Northern Brazilian state of Piaui found herself in a tangled physical altercation with a man that ended in the latter getting one of his testicles bitten off by her. The incident occurred in the municipality of Miguel Alves. The woman at the center of the case is being referred to by the name Bruna in local media.

Details of the incident are a little hazy owing to contradictory accounts being given by Bruna and Pedro, the man who has lost one of his testicles. What has come to light so far is that the two people are neighbours. Pedro, apparently, came into the house of Bruna and, on entering her bedroom, found her with another man.

Bruna, the lady who bit off the testicle YouTube

Lady's claims

As per claims of the lady, who uploaded a video on social media to give her side of the story, Pedro used to be her pimp. She further states that, on seeing her with the other man, the now-injured person attacked her and tried to rape her. It was in self-defense that she inflicted the grievous injury on him, she states.

The testicle that was bitten off by Bruna YouTube

In her own words: "He climbed naked on the bed, he didn't even let the guy undress, saying it was him now. Then, he took (his penis) and started attacking me. The guy was pulling him to get him off me, while he was pulling my hair.

"...As he was already naked, on the bed, I took (his penis) and went – when my hair was pulled like that – I went downstairs...and bit it. Because women don't have the strength of men, understand? I went to his weak point. I bit," the lady says, as per the translation of her words in the video provided by Daily Mail.

Man's account

The man was taken to hospital and, despite the invaluable loss of a testicle, has been discharged. He is claiming that the attack by Bruna was a case of an unprovoked assault. Local media is also reporting that rather than a pimp, Pedro is her former boyfriend and got furious on seeing her with someone else. He simply said that he "did not deserve what happened to him."

Pedro's sister contacted the police and they have started their investigation. After taking the accounts of both persons involved, the authorities are not sure whom to charge.