Brazilian bombshell Suzy Cortez shows off toned butts in hot workout video on Instagram

Brazilian bombshell Suzy Cortez treats her fans to a hot workout video on Instagram sending fans into a frenzy.

Brazilian bombshell Suzy Cortez has the right to own the hottest butts in the world. The diva has shared a sexy butt workout video on her official Instagram account leaving fans spellbound. In the video, the hot model is seen wearing booty shorts while she does some kick-butt squats to maintain her toned figure. The eye-popping workout video has taken over fans on the social media platform. The video has garnered more than 37.2 likes and views within a short time of it has being uploaded.

Suzy has been a stunner and often keeps her fans engaged with similar hot and sexy content through her social media accounts. Her dedication to being fit and healthy has led her to win the Miss BumBum title not once but twice. She is one of the fittest models on Instagram. She isn't shy of showing off her toned figure on the social media platforms and often goes nude flaunting her sexy abs on Instagram wowing her fans.

She has won millions of hearts worldwide and every passing day she has been gaining more and more followers on her social media accounts. Her hot and sexy photos on the social media account have been a way to attract her fans. Recently, Suzy shared a picture in which she is seen donning her favourite sports person Lionel Messi's jersey. The photo has grabbed as many as 21.6K likes.

Suzi Cortez

The diva is known for her scandalous activities on social media as well. Earlier, she created a buzz among social media fans after she posted a scandalous photo tagging her favourite Barcelona footballer Messi. Messi, on the other hand, played it safe on social media blocking Suzy for her act. She isn't shy of expressing her love for the player and her fans love her daring stunts.

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