Brazil President Bolsonaro terms COVID-19 'little flu'; here is why he is wrong about it

Despite scientists claiming at least 1 million people in Brazil are infected by COVID-19 making it the emerging hot spot, Brazil President called it 'just little flu'

Brazil currently has 66,896 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and has recorded 4,555 deaths so far. Some scientists even claim that Brazil has at least one million people infected by the coronavirus. Medical officials in Rio de Janeiro have said that due to the increase in the number of patients, hospital systems in at least four major cities are on the verge of collapse.

Though the country is considered under risk of emerging as next big hot spot for coronavirus, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro called COVID-19 just a 'little flu." He also said that there is no need to impose strict restrictions. According to him, the infection spread in Europe and the US has slowed down. But in fact, the USA currently has 1,010,507 confirmed cases and 56,803 deaths. While Spain has 232,128 confirmed cases and 23,822 deaths; Italy has 199,414 confirmed cases and 26,977 deaths reported so far.

Though the number of deaths per day has been reduced in Italy now, increase in the confirmed cases is still a matter of concern. Amid coronavirus scare, some European countries and some states of the USA have decided to ease lockdown restrictions from April 27. But in Brazil, the situation is not under control and hospitals are on the verge of breaking point and many are said to be dying at homes as they cannot receive treatment due to availability of beds in the hospitals.

Approaching winter an alarming sign

Jair Bolsonaro
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro Facebook/Jair Bolsonaro

Despite the numbers claiming that there are around 67,000 confirmed cases, scientists believe that at least one million people are already affected. Moreover, as the country will face winters soon, this will surely worsen the condition in the country as coronavirus is said to be spreading faster in the cold places.

Top five regions in Brazil including São Paulo has 21,696 confirmed cases, capital Rio de Janeiro has 7,944 confirmed cases, Ceará has 6,726 cases, Pernambuco has 5,358 cases and Amazonas has 3,928 cases. Brazil is Latin America's largest country and has 211 million population. With the advent of winter, the population of the country might face the worst respiratory illness with the spread of COVID-19.

In fact, President Bolsonaro is opening the markets again and asked the people to resume their work citing he does not want economic meltdown. However, due to disagreement of governors, the country is still under restrictions and people have been ordered to stay home. Recently, he had sacked the health minister and appointed a person who advocates re-opening of the economy to the post.

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