Brawn Strowman gets a new look ahead of WWE TLC

Braun Strowman, who is slated to take on acting General Manager of Monday Night RAW, Baron Corbin, is racing against time to be fit for TLC this Sunday. However, as per reports that WWE has a backup in place if Strowman does not make it for the event.

The superstar has now shared a video of himself with a changed look ahead of the WWE TLC. It should be mentioned here that Stephanie McMahon has already announced that Corbin's future as the General Manager of WWE Raw is solely dependent on the fight against Strowman and that if he wins he will be named the permanent General Manager of WWE Raw.

Strowman underwent an elbow surgery last month to fix the issue of bone spurs. Following the attack by Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre, Strawman had been wiped out of contention from WWE television.

Strowman warned Corbin of consequences

Brawn Strowman
Brawn Strowman YouTube grab

However, immediately after the incident, he featured in a video and lashed out at Corbin and even warning him to be careful for he will be after him when he attains full fitness. He informed that the surgery and recuperation was taking a lot of time as the doctor had never performed a surgery on an elbow which was as big as his.

This ongoing animosity between Strowman and Corbin has its roots when the General Manager cost Strowman a match against Brock Lesner at the WWE Crown Jewel. He was struck on the head even before the match had begun which effectively ruled out Strowman's charge at the event.

Although, Strowman has posted this video of him undergoing a look change, the big question remains as to whether or not, he will be fit for the WWE TLC clash. He appears to be rather serious in his new video and to pull off this new look, he has to get the sides of his head shaved with a straight razor.

It is all building up for a tasty clash with Corbin and everything seems to be on the line at the moment.