Brands Ditch Stassi Schroder, Fans Slam Her Over Racist Incident With Faith Stowers

Vanderpump Rules stars Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute had allegedly called cops on co-star Stowers.

Stassi Schroeder lost sponsors and fans after a racist episode with her Vanderpump Rules cast member Faith Stowers resurfaced. In the incident which took place in 2018, Schroeder and co-star Kristen Doute had called cops on Stowers.

Both Schroeder and Doute have been vigorously supporting Black Lives Matter on their social media pages.

Stassi Schroeder
Stassi Schroeder and Faith Stowers Twitter

Duo Thought Stowers Was Drugging and Stealing Men

During an Instagram Live chat with Floribama Shore star Candace Rice, Stowers recalled an episode where cops were called by Schroeder and Doute after they suspected her of drugging men and stealing watches.

"There was this article in the Daily Mail where there was an African-American lady. It was a weird photo, so she looked very light-skinned and had these different, weird tattoos. I guess this woman was robbing people," Stowers said.

"And they called the cops and said it was me. This is like, a true story. I heard this from, actually, Stassi during an interview," Stowers went on to add in the live video.

Schrorder and Doute Bragged About the Episode on Podcast and Twitter

During an interview on the Bitch Bible Podcast in 2018, Schroeder had bragged about the episode. Schroeder said that she and Doute compared Stowers' hair and tattoos to the security footage and contacted the police because they saw a resemblance, People reported.

Kristen Doute

"We are like, we just solved a f—king crime. We start calling the police. The police don't give a f—k," Schroeder said on the podcast episode, which has now been deleted.

Later, while sharing the suspected woman's photograph on Twitter, Doute wrote: "hey tweeties, doesn't this ex #pumprules thief look familiar? someone put her on mtv & gave her a platform for press. I didn't wanna go there but I'm going there." The next day Doute tweeted a photo of Stowers an wrote: "THANK YOU. here's proof."

Brands Pull Back, Fans Left Enraged

No sooner did Stowers recall the incident, the brands withdrew their partnerships with Schroeder. Page Six reported that shaving brand Billie cut off their ties with the reality TV star, stating that the company is "ending all of our partnerships with anyone who isn't supporting the fight against racism." Hip vitamin startup Ritual also dropped Schroeder. A planned partnership with Glamour magazine related to Schroeder's upcoming wedding with Beau Clark ''has no plans to continue at this time,' according to the outlet.

"Stassi Schroeder is the complete embodiment of white girl privilege. She gets to call herself a basic bitch while casually calling the cops on her only black costar because she "resembled" a black woman, let's be real. Kristen Doute? Biggot garbage person!" tweeted a user.

"Since a lot of celebrities are into displaying allyship now is a good time to remind us all of @stassi anti-Black lives matter comments. #BlackLivesMatter," wrote another.