Brandon a successful coffee businessman chasing his passion


Brandon Ivan Pena is a motivational speaker and a young entrepreneur in the market. He was born and raised in Juarez, Mexico. He always wanted to live in New York City because of his work. He has worked in 500 companies and received his degree of MBA from the University of Miami. Apart from a successful businessman, he is also an event designer and a speaker.

Throughout his life, he believes in the formula that Emotions + visuals = engagement. This formula helps him a lot and this provided him a lot of opportunities towards success. Due to his efforts and with the coordination of his team and community, his multi-dollar company grew a lot. He has been in this field for 20 years and has worked in marketing and managing accounts, creative content, and business consulting. He motivates a lot of people through his struggle stories and his business strategies.

Work journey
Brandon Ivan Pena is an entrepreneur who is offering the coffee experience to coffee lovers around the globe. He leads the 787 coffee where they create memories with different people and focus on human interaction. He has his own farm where he grows coffee and they roast the coffee beans and prepare a fresh cup of coffee for the customers. He already has three coffee shops and a farmhouse and his business is still expanding, he has 7 operating in NYC and 2 are under construction.

Life struggles
At a very young age, he has accomplished a lot of stuff and he is still growing his business. In the marketing business, he is also doing an amazing job. He decided to give up his business so that he can pursue his passion for coffee.

2020 has been a very hard year for all of us but Brandon is working really hard apart from all the difficulties in his life and is trying to bring his best out of it.