Brandon Mangion, An Iconic Mental Health Enthusiast On a Quest To Transform More Than 11 Million Lives

Brandon Mangion

Upon the mention of Brandon Mangion, we meet diversity and an all-rounded person. He is a DJ, life coach, record producer, and an entrepreneur. He is also a mental health ambassador for 'Charity Mindful in Australia.' Brandon runs Melbourne's top successful Friday club night,' Mango Club,' and helped with the relaunch of the infamous levels nightclub at Brown Alley.

It has not been a walk in the park for Brandon as a life coach of New mastermind for young entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders at work. 'For seven years, I was addicted to cocaine and binge drinking,' he says. On many occasions, he overindulged, which ended in his admission to the hospital. Things got out of hand when he almost died. 'But when the pandemic hit, I had time to reflect and get my life sorted; it was a blessing in disguise. I found a new passion for personal development and got sober.' He narrates.

His notable work in the coaching industry cost him; discipline, self-awareness, passion, diligence, and resilience. Mangion intentionally specialized in the following niches;

  • Personal growth
  • Mind-set
  • Self- love
  • Business success
  • Confidence for young adults.

Brandon is a true force to reckon with in the coaching industry. His life experience is living proof that every young adult can live a life they truly love. He has amazing testimonials and ready results from his clients that will penetrate your soul and set you ablaze. His testimonials are persuasive, and you will need no more convincing.

As a coach, you can live a successful life. Brandon defined success as 'Merging the art of achievement with inner fulfilment.' His works are evident as in the first year of the coaching business, he served over 100 young adults and hit 6 figures.

His best piece of advice to people who long for success in their lives is to create a vision for their gorgeous future that is compelling, pulling them in the direction of their dreams like a magnet, and an unstoppable flow of magnificent energy will rise from within.

Brandon never blinks his eyes as he is on a mission. He runs a 9-week personal growth and self–love program for young adults called 'Level Up.' What a bold way to empower and inspire young adults to reconnect with their true power? Think of the fulfilling dream life and the full potential you could unleash if only you followed Mangion's footsteps?

Brandon is still morphing in all his achievements. He is on a mission that targets to transform 11 million lives of young adults. He anticipates flourishing and blossoming in; more programs, public speaking, personal transformation events, festivals, writing books, and hosting a personal growth podcast.

It takes an exceptional being to have a vast audience worldwide. Brandon has been touring the world as a successful international DJ ( Teddy Cream) with over 1 million fans across all social media platforms.