Brando Chiesa collaborated with Rose in Good Faith for Trippie Redd and Dropdead clothing, leaving the fashion industry in awe

Brando Chiesa

Brando Chiesa made it to the headlines when he chose to collaborate with Rose in Good Faith for Trippie Redd and Dropdead clothing. This collaboration had some jaw-dropping collections, which ultimately led some heads to turn in awe and made Brando Chiesa the talk of the fashion industry. He previously collaborated with Revenant RV NT, a well-known sporty brand, on the Fall Winter 2022.23 Collection for Milan Fashion Week. This collection was his first step towards his extraordinary collaboration with Rose in Good Faith for Trippie Redd and Dropdead clothing.

Everyone wants to choose the right path to follow in their lives where they can give their 100% and grow better as time passes by. Brando Chiesa chose the path of creativity. He chose the journey of fashion as one of his career choices. The field of fashion is forever evolving. There will never be a time that it will come to a saturation point. One has to put forward a one-of-a-kind collection to stand out from the rest of the world. The fashion sense that you promise to put forward should be unique and eye-catching, although you can't impress everyone as people have different tastes. But the work speaks for itself.

Brando Chiesa is the face behind the brand Brando Chiesa. Brando knew it for the fact that he was made for the creative industry as he loves to create things out of his thoughts. For him, it is the expression of his thoughts. He keeps two simple things in his mind while recreating things that have to be unique and should match the vibe of people, as what you wear is the way to showcase your personality to the world. People in Italy used to know him as an impeccable tattoo artist and illustrator. No one ever wondered that his zeal to do something creative would bring some kind of revolution in the fashion industry. His unique sense of thinking that he put into his work took him to the pinnacle of his career. He is way ahead of those who are working with him, as his work makes him different from others and speaks for itself.

After working with the owners of Dropdead Clothing: famous British singer and songwriter Oliver Sykes, who is also the lead singer of the rock band named Bring Me the Horizon, and Trippie Redd is a top American rap and hip-hop artist. Brando Chiesa (@brando__xoxo) brings fashion enthusiasts around the world yet another breathtaking collection that will fit into your wordrobes just right.