Branding expert Cody Cornwell on how he helps businesses start, grow, and scale to new heights

Cody Cornwell

The competition in the new world of business is immensely fierce, and entrepreneurs are doing everything they must and can in order to attain success. One may have the most top-notch product to sell and an extraordinary target market too, but the strategies implemented for branding, selling, and scaling a business is what distinguishes a startup, a small business, and/or a profitable organization from each other. Every large-scale venture once started as a mere business idea that steadily rose to fame through the organization's efforts and others outside of it. Perhaps through external business consultants, growth mentors, or marketing & branding agencies who take the onus on themselves to help their clients grow and taste success. One such marketing consultant cum entrepreneur, also the founder of Heavy Marketing, is Cody Cornwell. He offers valuable insights along with applicable and reliable marketing & sales strategy to businesses to accelerate the process of scaling up.

With a set up in Florida, Cornwell and his business partner, Ron Earley, are working alongside companies of all types and levels to provide services ranging from branding to business consulting and ad creation to the generation of high-ticket sales with a clear objective of freeing up their time and increasing revenue, gradually and organically. As the brain behind Heavy Marketing, Cornwell quickly realized that besides solely serving as a full-fledged marketing agency, the need of the hour was also to offer an external sales team to the clients. He observed that most in-house sales teams were inefficient in producing results and were unequipped to advance or handle a sudden spurt in work, owing to lack of infrastructure. Eventually, the demand for consulting and sales-closing packages took over for good.

To date, the young entrepreneur has been diverting all his energy towards sourcing clients who require said services to pave the way for growth and expansion, and mostly, hundreds of thousands of dollars-worth incomes on a monthly basis. He also said, "The first month of Heavy Marketing brought over USD 450,000 to its clients' personal brand. In less than two months, we helped them generate the double of it with appropriate and well-planned marketing & sales strategies. In no time, we were able to draw all the leads and close about USD 925,000 in-contract. This month, in particular, proved to be the most profitable one for both my clients and my own agency. I must say, nothing feels more gratifying than being able to transition from working at an organization to later running their business independently. At present, our continued aim remains to help clients augment their marketing & sales strategy to scale up to seven digits."

As a word of advice to other new-age entrepreneurs who are finding it hard to scale their businesses, Cornwell recommends focusing on defining their core customers, solving critical problems at the earliest, and packaging services, if any, like a product. In his opinion, addressing these three steps will undoubtedly facilitate the process of scaling one's business and expanding total revenues.

Cornwell's journey from being a fabrication and pipe welder in the oil fields to an entrepreneur and consultant reflects on his interests, passion, and grit to attain his dream goals, despite not having a professional qualification or relevant work experience. His will to get self-trained and seek mentorship from time to time enabled him to grow and succeed.