Brand new Kodi add-ons worth checking in February 2018

Best Kodi add-ons in February 2018
The interface of Cartoon Crazy Kodi add-on RockyTVv/YouTube

IBTimes Singapore creates a brand new set of Kodi add-ons that are worth your attention, whether you are a hard-core streamer or a newbie trying to immerse in a world of free entertainment.

Check these five Kodi add-ons below:

Cartoon Crazy

If you have been looking for cartoons and anime, the Cartoon Crazy Kodi add-on can't be any more perfect for you. First developed by Lucifer, the add-on has come a long way with its various sources that are here to provide users with a multitude of content. You can find Cartoon Crazy on GitHub under the username spinztv and repository SpinzTV.


If you are aware of how torrents work, you've probably tried downloading movies, TV shows, documentaries, software programs, etc through them. And you probably know that the process is quite strenuous and tedious.

The Elementum Kodi add-on does the job for you as it automates the process from the downloading to deletion of the content. The good thing about this add-on is that it is packed with unique content. You can find Elementum on GitHub under the username elgatito and repository


Documentaries have become more popular on Kodi, and what better way to jump on the bandwagon than to have an add-on that's fully loaded with dedicated content.

The Documented.HD Kodi add-on has almost everything you need to watch your most sought-after documentary films, from conspiracy theories to information technology to religion to bitcoin to history and everything else in between. You can find Documented.HD on GitHub under the username frenchdj and repository Frenchdj.

NetStreams AIO

Formerly known as NetStreams SportsHUB, the NetStreams AIO Kodi add-on offers live IPTV sports streams from around the world. The new version also provides various contents other than sports, such as entertainment, documentaries, and a lot more.

Users can take delight in various sections: KidsHUB, LiveHUB IPTV, MovieHUB, MusicHUB, RadioHUB, and SportsHUB. You can find NetStreams AIO on GitHub under the username nemesis668 and repository Stream Army.

MP3 Streams

The MP3 Streams Kodi add-on specializes in music content and allows you to stream virtually any song from anywhere around the world. Billboard is one of its sources so you're guaranteed some of the most up-to-date singles and albums out there. You can find MP3 Streams on GitHub under the username noobsandnerds and repository.noobsandnerds.

Which Kodi add-on are you installing next? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!