Braeden Lichti: How did he become a true pacesetter for venture building?

Braeden Lichti

With the endless opportunities the world of finance has created, individuals are bound to find unique ways to make the most of them. The prevalence of Venture capitalists has taken a significant cultural role, making it increasingly essential to fund fast-growing new businesses during the past two decades. The bulk of startups' early success can be traced back to the funding and guidance they received from venture capital firms. The availability of venture capital is a crucial factor in creating economic value, but more importantly is the people behind the money, who find and decide where to invest. Braeden Lichti is one, but he is better suited to be called a venture builder; Mr. Lichti, has spent the past 15 years building, creating, finding value, and investing in early-stage companies in the biotechnology and medical aesthetics industries. Lichti and his partners like to get involved and get deep in the weeds and take on a hands-on approach with founders when his firm invests. In addition, Braeden is increasingly becoming more well-known as a public market venture capitalist and is widely regarded as an expert on using the public markets to secure follow-on financings, and grow and restructure companies.

With the explicit purpose of creating and identifying public markets and venture capital investment opportunities, Braeden established BWL Investments in 2016. The company is known for its venture-building approach when investing across a broad spectrum of global industries, including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, medical devices and aesthetics, and biotechnology. While investing in early-stage companies, Braeden does it with both investors and operating managers mindsets, also helping to establish and implement strong corporate governance, identifying and bringing on seasoned executive managers, influential advisers, and directors, and scouting for potential early collaborations or M&A opportunities. He loves what he does and does not perceive what he does as work because creating jobs, supporting founders, and watching ideas come to light drives him. He is credited with helping numerous ventures grow from initial concepts into highly successful businesses. In 2019, two biotech companies, in which he was an early investor and founding advisor, got listed on Nasdaq.

Braeden's most recent venture, of which he is a Co-Founder and Investor, is the promising medical aesthetic company ELEVAI Labs, which is quickly gaining traction and is poised to dominate the medical-grade physician dispense skincare market. In 2019, Braeden was presented with the opportunity to acquire a proprietary supply of pharmaceutical-grade MSC stem cells from a cGMP lab, he began his search looking for a credible stem cell scientist to work with and traveled across North America searching for a scientist with experience working with this kind of stem cells. He ended his search in California by meeting Dr. Jordan Plews, a renowned stem cell scientist and entrepreneur who impressed him with his depth of knowledge and track record of success in the field, leading to the creation of ELEVAI Labs with Dr. Jordan Plews and another co-founder, Dr. Tim Sayed, in 2020. Today, ELEVAI is financed, has numerous commercialized products on the market, an operating GLP laboratory in Northern California, over 12 employees, and a growing sales force and product line.

Braeden was also the co-founder of Health Logic Interactive Inc., a point of care medical diagnostic company which sold its operating subsidiary to Marizyme Inc (US: MRZM) in 2021.

Braeden's late father, a diligent businessman, significantly influenced his upbringing in Vancouver, Canada. When Braeden was 12 years old, his dad taught him how to find, research, public companies and monitor stock quotes in the morning newspaper. At 15, he began working with a broker to purchase publicly traded equities in Canada. Following his father's footsteps, he was inspired to embark on an entrepreneurial career at a young age. Braeden has always been a self-starter with a knack for taking on new challenges and pursuing his interests. Lately, Braeden has established a foothold for BWL Investments in the US by launching NorthStrive Companies, a wholly-owned venture firm located in California.