Brad Williams: Comedian apologizes for 'raping woman on tour' joke on Doug Benson's show Getting Doug with High

Comedian Brad Williams has apologized for making up story on raping a woman on tour on Doug Benson's show Getting Doug with High.

Comedian Brad Williams made up a story on raping a woman after which he had to tender an apology. After an old video showing him seemingly confessing to having raped a woman surfaced online, Williams said that it was all made up. The video is a clip from Doug Benson's podcast Getting Doug with High in 2014.

On the show, the comedian was asked to narrate a crazy story about his time on a tour bus with his co-comedian Carlos Mencia after which he described how an unnamed woman on the road in the tour bus had had sex with him.

According to reports, Williams had said, "When we went on a tour bus together, this girl was on the bus [who] just really wanted to sleep with Carlos," adding that since Mencia is married, she sent him in disguise after the lights were turned off and then started getting physically involved with the girl on the bus.

Brad Williams
Brad Williams apologizes for his raping-woman joke

Williams said, "It went for a good 15 minutes before she realized that [while] Carlos is tiny, he shouldn't have stubby arms like that. Then finally she realized she was having sex with me," as per reports on a leading media website.

Williams has now apologized for his insensitive act on the show and claims that he had just made up the story. The celebrity took to his official Twitter handle last night to write an apology for his fake story. Williams wrote, "I owe you all an apology."

The comedian who cracked the rape joke to make himself sound more funny on Benson's podcast admitted that he was contributing to the rape culture when he made that comment. He further said that he would apologize to his wife, daughter, friends, and family and set a good example. He wrote, "I truly am deeply sorry for my words."