Brad Pitt lip-lock in focus again: Ex-girlfriend Sinitta praises his kissing skills after Jolie divorce

Sinitta finds Brad Pitt to be an amazing kisser.

Brad Pitt with Sinitta
Brad Pitt and Sinitta dated each other back in 1988. Pinterest

Hollywood star Brad Pitt is yet again making the headlines but this time it's not the generic Angelina issue. The star has been referred to by his ex girlfriend as an extremely good kisser and that his old charm has made a comeback after the depressing divorce issue.

In a recent interview, Brad's former girlfriend Sinitta revealed: " He is a very good kisser.'' The singer made the statement during the game show, 'Alan Carr's New Year Specstaclar'. The show is yet to air.

Sinitta got carried away with the comedian Alan Carr's questions and also joked that the actor has been calling her ever since he got separated from his former wife Angelina Jolie and did not hesitate to praise the actor's lip-locking skills. MSN Entertainment reported the good-humoured conversation that took place on the show.

Alan asked: ''Call me Cupid, but Brad Pitt is single again and you two used to date didn't you?''
Sinitta chuckled: ''We did! We did. He has been calling and you know what I said?
'Brad. Move on'.''
The host added: "Nice one. Is he a good kisser?"
Sinitta gave an affirmative nod, "He is a very good kisser."

Pitt and Sinitta dated back in 1988. After their split both of them have been married and got divorced. After their relationship, Brad tied the knot with the popular actress Jennifer Aniston in 2000 while Sinitta chose to marry Andy Willner in 2002 . Both of them ended their marriage after few years. Brad and Aniston got separated in 2005 while Sinitta and Willner trudged different paths in 2010.

After Aniston, the 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' stars Brad and Angelina Jolie walked the aisle in 2014 and both have been involved in a controversial divorce a part of which the actor has recently filed a memorandum to the request to have paperwork relating to the custody of their six children. Brad has also detailed the reasons why he wants all the information to remain private.

After the long stretched issue of Brad and Angelina divorce where the two actors were found to be continuously accusing one another, the good humoured words about the star were refreshing.

This article was first published on December 31, 2016