Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy, amid cases of sexual abuse: 5 unusual facts about BSA

Boy Scouts of America completed 110 years on February 8 has now filed for bankruptcy. Here are five unusual facts about the Scouts group

The Boy Scouts of America has filed for bankruptcy with Delaware bankruptcy court. It listed liabilities between $100 million and $500 million. The Scouts had celebrated its 110th anniversary on February 8 and is currently facing lawsuits regarding sexual abuse. With the filing of bankruptcy, all civil court cases against Boy Scouts of America have been suspended.

The Scouts organization is facing cases of sexual harassment filed by its members. Most of the cases are regarding fondling, exposure to pornography, and forced anal or oral sex. Reacting to them, the organization had apologized and expressed anguish that some individuals misused Boy Scouts to abuse innocent children.

Boy Scouts America

The Boy Scout Organization was started by a British Baron Robert Baden-Powell. In 1899 when Powell and his troops were outnumbered by Dutch colonists, he enlisted local cadet corps aged between 12 and 15 who relayed messages and acted as guards helping Powell's adult troops which concentrated only on fighting. The Boy Scouts of America was established on February 8, 1910.

5 Interesting facts about Boy Scouts

1. Connection with Jungle Book

The cub scouts aged between 8 and 10 year have deep connections with The Jungle Book. The writer of the book Rudyard Kipling happens to be the friend of founder of Scouts group Powell. He sought permission to use the terms in the 1894 book Jungle Book and thus, when cub Scouts hold a meeting they come in dens or packs. Their leader is called Akela. Terms like Grand Howl and Council Rock (meetings) are also used.

2. Except for four countries, Scouts is present everywhere

Except four countries-Cuba, Laos, North Korea, and Andorra, all other countries in the world have Scouts organizations. American branch (which has now filed for bankruptcy) is considered as the second largest one. Indonesia's Scouting organization is considered as the one having highest members.

3. From John Kennedy to Obama, 5 US Presidents were Scouts

Five US Presidents were part of Boy Scout America. Former presidents John F Kennedy, Gerald Ford, George W ush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama were Scouts. In fact, former president Jimmy Carter was a scoutmaster. John F Kennedy was the only Eagle Scout president.

4. Out of 12 people who walked on moon, 11 were Scouts

Except for James Irwin, 11 people who created history by walking on moon were part of Boy Scouts America. Neil Armstrong was a Eagle Scout. He even radioed and said "Hello to all my fellow Scout on his way to the Moon in 1969.

5. Rival Boy Scouts Group

Newspaperman William Randolph Hearst Started a rival Boy Scouts Group in America. The original group was started by a newspaperman William Dickson Boyce. This irked Hearst who started his own Scouts group with a difference, i.e. unlike the original group, Hearst armed his Scouts. He named it American Boy Scouts in May 1910, who carried firearms.