Boy group BEAST was scared after Jang Hyunseung made an exit

Beast released their third full studio album "Highlight" as a five member group.

Korean pop idol group, Beast, released their third full studio album "Highlight" earlier this month. The boy band made an impactful comeback as a five member group after Jang Hyunseung bid adieu in April to move solo.

Recently in an interview with the Korean Media Outlet, Nate, member Yoon Doo Joon opened about the new member lineup and how did they cope up emotionally. The singer rapper stated, "We knew that people would talk about [his leaving.] We accepted that as a fact. We decided to just accept it and give 120 percent. We knew lots of people would be looking at us closely after it happened but we didn't want to get too hung up on people's words."

The boy group reportedly fell apart due to differences in the music taste and group activities. Although it was quite difficult for the members to accept the split, however, the boy group gathered courage and continued working hard for their comeback. "We were a little scared to go on with five members, but we didn't want to disappoint our fans. We hope that fans can understand the hard work we're putting in and we ask that fans continue to support Jang Hyunseung as well. We want people to acknowledge and cheer him on, whether it's his solo album or whatever activities he pursues in the future," Soompi quoted the 27-year-old.

Amid talking about the group falling apart, the singer further assured that all the five members are unconditionally intact for the time to come. He said, "Many people feel that it's a big issue and that it's rapidly approaching, but we haven't been able to talk about it much because of our promotions. We've discussed it among ourselves a little."

" We plan to work well together for as long as we're together, so there's no need to worry," Doo Joon reassured.