Bourne's spinoff Treadstone to premiere on Amazon Prime in 2020

Bourne Spinonff Treadstone
Bourne Spinoff Treadstone

Bourne spinoff Treadstone is going to be aired on television networks USA Network from October 15 and reports say that the show has got its premiere time on online video streaming platform Amazon Prime.

Treadstone will premiere on Amazon Prime in 2020 after a few months of its original telecast on USA Network. Bourne is a series of spy-thriller based on the novels of author Robert Ludlum.

The series became a big name after Oscar-winner Matt Damon played the leading role in the show. Bourne started in 2002 with The Bourne Identity, with the film Damon that tried to revolutionize the spy-thriller genre, which later helped to give a boost to similar franchises like Mission Impossible. Damon completed its trilogy of Bourne films with The Bourne Ultimatum and started some other ventures.

However, the fans of Bourne franchise were not happy with the end of the franchise and it kick-started a new spinoff series starring Jeremy Renner as the leading character. He played the role of government operative fighting for his life in 2012's The Bourne Legacy. though the film didn't get so much traction as its previous versions did. In 2016, Damon once again came back as Bourne in Jason Bourne.

Since then, the talks on another Bourne film are on for a sequel but in between, a spinoff TV series based on Treadstone will be coming on television screens from October 15 on USA Network. And for those who are waiting to watch the series on the online platform, let us tell you that Amazon Prime has announced that Treadstone will premiere it around January 2020.

With the news, Amazon also released a trailer of the show on the numerous other government operatives that were created alongside Jason Bourne in CIA's infamous other Black operation programs. Treadstone will be released in around 200 countries and territories in January 2020. The aim is to increase the fanbase of the show and franchise all over the world.

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