Bose headphones accused of eavesdropping on users

Bose has been accused of data siphoning and user-privacy invasion through eavesdropping on its headphones.


Ludicrous as it sounds, a class-action lawsuit has been filed against Bose as its headphones are allegedly invading users' privacy. Before the audiophile in you gets a nasty shock, it has got nothing to do with quality issues. Apparently, it is collecting user data in a discreet way and may even be spying on you.

As per the lawsuit filed by Mr Kyle Zak, he got his hands or ears (in this case) on a pair of wireless Bose headphones worth $350 and gave the company his name, email address and the serial number while buying. He also went ahead and downloaded the Bose Connect app which according to the firm helps users get a better experience with obvious advantage of customisations.

The claimant has accused Bose that the company was taking more information than it had cited in its policy. The headphone company was siphoning data from the claimant and others of their listening preferences and of their particular area of interests and conveniently passing on the same to a data mining company called, according to the lawsuit that has been filed against the company.

With allegations like eavesdropping and wiretapping looming on Bose, it was expected that they would come out with a statement that refutes the claim or even tries to shed some light on the matter, however, the company has decided to keep mum about the entire proceeding as of now.


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