Bosco Wong and 'King Kong' Lee Hsin Chiao engage in friendly banter over Buddy Cops

The industry relishes the birth of a new comedic duo.

Hong Kong's leading star Bosco Wong and Taiwanese comedian Lee Hsin Chiao (aka King Kong) seems to have settled in as a comedic duo after Buddy Cops, the Cantonese action comedy which was their first movie collaboration.

According to The Star, in a telephonic interview recently, both of them were seen pulling each other's leg.

Wong started saying: "For such a messy chap to transform into such a nerdy gentleman, King Kong is so good at it that he deserves to win a Hong Kong Film Award."

Lee too didn't fail to reply with utmost humour. He said: "Well, for a super dashing leading man like him to transform into such an obnoxious bloke in the movie, Bosco should win a best actor award as well. In fact, Bosco made a huge sacrifice; he had to shave off all the hair on his legs."

To which Wong instantly retorted: "But King Kong made an even bigger sacrifice – he had to shave off his trademark moustache and goatee."

Lee laughed at this comment and said that he is not at all like Johny, the character which he played in the movie. "I think I may be more like (Wong's character) Chan Kin Fei, although I may not be as dirty. Because, just like him, I find it really tiresome to play by the rules," he added.

In Buddy Cops, Wong plays the character of the rugged Chan Kin Fei, a street-wise trouble-maker, while Lee's character is named as Johnny who is an office-bound desk-jockey. In the movie, the two cops cannot stand each other, but are bound to live together when Chan's father and Johnny's mother decide to get hitched.

The Star reports that in the interview, both of them said that they have learnt a lot while working with veteran actors like Hong Kong actor Fung and Taiwanese actress Jin.

Lee shared that he was extremely moved by Jin's performance who plays his mother's character in the movie. "It's the first time I'm working with Elaine, so I did feel a lot of pressure because she is a veteran. But, I was really touched by how gently she spoke to me as she suggested different ways for me to interpret my character," said Lee.

On the other hand, Wong found Fung to be an amusing mentor. "With Stanley playing my father, I got to experience his humorous side every day," said Wong.

Buddy Cops is produced by Eric Tsang and directed by Peter Chik. The movie has two leading ladies of the industry; Hong Kong singer Charmaine Fong plays Wong's psychotic lady love Bessie, while TVB actress Kate Tsui plays Lee's love interest Petite Princess.

Wong was seen cross dressing in various female roles in the end credits of the movie. When asked about his favourite role, Wong jokingly told The Star: "All three are supposed to be 2016's sexiest looks. I like the female cop getup best, as I've played cops many times, but never a policewoman."