Boris Johnson Makes One Million Pounds from Speeches; Receives 750,000 Pounds From 3 Events in November

Former British prime minister Boris Johnson made a fortune after unceremoniously leaving the Downing Street in September. The SKY News reported that the Tory leader made more than 1 million pounds from speaking engagements in the last two months.

From just three speeches given in November, the former prime minister made more than 750,000 pounds, according to an update to the MPs' register of interests. The speeches were to Centerview Partners, an investment banking firm, The Hindustan Times and the CNN Global Summit Lisbon.

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Added to the 276,000 pounds Johnson was paid for a speech to the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers in October, it means the former Prime Minister has made a total of 1,030,780 pounds from speaking engagements since he left Downing Street, Sky News reported.

The records show Johnson was paid 277,723 pounds by New York-based investment banking firm Centerview Partners for a speech on
November 9, and organisers covered transport and accommodation costs for him and two staff.

The register of interests said this covered nine hours work, making his fee almost 31,000 pounds an hour.

He then received 261,652 pounds from The Hindustan Times for a speech on November 17 and another 215,275 pounds on November 23 from Televisao Independente for speaking at the CNN Global Summit Lisbon, the Sky News report added.

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The entries declare that the latter two provided Johnson and two staff with food as well as transport and accommodation.

Johnson's latest entry also shows he and his family have continued to receive accommodation worth 3,500 pounds a month from Conservative donor Lord Bamford, the chairman of JCB, and his wife.

Sources said he could earn tens of millions of pounds from speaking and media appearances if he worked prolifically for a number of years following his tumultuous stint in Downing Street, Sky News reported.