Boredpuma, on the rise to creating an international company

Boredpuma is a creative agency and a global collective of artists, designers, and strategists


Leading media and creative agency Boredpuma unveils its first artwork as an agency since launching the company earlier this year. Boredpuma is on the rise to success and has not stopped working since the launch.

Established in 2020, Boredpuma is an artist's and media representative agency based in London and Dubai working with artists, film producers, designers, musicians, and extreme sports. Boredpuma created a foundation where specialists around the world work together in order to create diverse artworks, whether it be fashion, film, or music.

Although Boredpuma launched during a global pandemic, this, however, did not stop the company from working to build on clients and establish themselves as a reliable and global agency. Boredpuma currently represents a groundbreaking list of artists and brands globally and delivered successful campaigns for clients such as Middle East brand Splash, Slapvibe, and many more.

Early May 2020, Boredpuma revealed its first artwork with Splash Fashion Middle East. The campaign focused on promoting along with developing the brand's message on sustainability by bringing value to their customers while driving the company's eco-friendly services. As a creative agency, Boredpuma incorporated art, music, and design in order to design a campaign that was used on social media platforms enhancing Splash as a fully sustainable middle eastern brand. The collaboration with Splash allowed Boredpuma to gain a large amount of recognition globally in which will benefit the company to progress further as a creative agency.

Alongside working for brands, Boredpuma is built around, art, culture, and creativity. However, in order to succeed as an agency working alongside various artists, the founder, and CEO, established a strong work environment that results in working as a team to establish long-term relationships; in order to produce high-quality content and create a brand story.

About Boredpuma

Boredpuma is a creative agency and a global collective of artists, designers, and strategists. The company helps businesses become a trusted part of people's lives by creating services, products, and brands in which people admire. The company acts as a creative as well as a strategic resource to their clients through every step of the process by aligning inspiration, business objectives along with building a story.

Furthermore, Boredpuma represents artists and directors by collaborating with international brands as well as agencies; these artists are determined on creating expressive visual media though publishing, digital media, and campaigns. Boredpuma artists fill their work with distinct voices, and they prosper in collaboration.

Boredpuma believes in the expression of art. Therefore, by establishing a foundation in which all specialists work together in order to support the artistic expression, they are able to create artworks that are diverse. Whether it be fashion, music or film, Boredpuma does not discriminate against the artist's definition of art, they make sure they do it.