Booker T wants to clash with Shawn Michaels

Booker T
Booker T. WWE

Booker T has said that Christian is the most underrated star of WWE. He was responding to a fan's question on WWE Backstage.

When a fan asked him about the wrestler with whom he had the best chemistry with in the ring, Booker T took the name of Christian. "In the WWE, the best chemistry would have been my partner right here on the show, Christian," WWE Inc quoted him as saying. He adds, "Me and that guy-man, we made some beautiful music together back in the day."

He continues, "Not a better guy that you could have on the road and working with you as well, because when you're working, it's all about teamwork; watching one's back."

The feud between Booker T and Christian kick-started in 2002 when they were rivals in the tag teams. Their individual storyline start in 2003 as they engaged in the battles over the WWE Intercontinental Championship and United States Championship for the next few years.

Booker T further said that Christian was the best and continued, "One of the most underrated Superstars in history in the WWE."

Another fan asked about the wrestler whom he would like to confront in the ring if given a chance, he claimed, "The only person I didn't get a chance to actually mix it up with is Shawn Michaels." He felt that it would be a great match between the heartbreak kid vs 5-time WCW Champion.