Bonboncha dazzled its famous bubble tea at the Villepinte Paris Nord exhibition centre


Owing to the pandemic, several activities, food fests, exhibitions, and other social gatherings came to a halt. Now that the situation is under control in several parts of the world and people have adapted themselves to the new normal, the world is opening steadily. Recently, the world's largest food innovation event took place in Paris. The Paris Salon International de l'Alimentation (SIAL)is a pivotal food innovation exhibition in France and the world's largest trade show. On October 13th, it returned to the dream city of Paris after two long years. As a result, the public was psyched and arrived in huge numbers at the food fest to explore new innovative approaches to food and beverages. At the event, the Taiwanese brand Bonboncha was the highlight presenting its famous bubble tea beverages available in hundreds of different flavours.

Mr Nguyen Vy MINH, brought Bonboncha seized the opportunity to showcase its authentic tea beverages to a vast number of people who were present at the event. The largest Parisian food innovation village swarmed with an audience for five days at the Villepinte Paris Nord exhibition centre. Bonboncha exhibited its diverse menu in an extensive space equivalent to 100 hypermarkets. The Parisian Food Innovation village happened on October 15th and continued till October 19th 2022.

Bonboncha is among the top five Taiwanese bubble tea producers that offer high-quality products curated with authentic natural elements exported directly from warehouses and industries based in Taiwan. Bubble Tea, Fruit Tea, Milk Tea, and a lot more are offered at Bonboncha outlets. The enriched taste of Taiwanese tea infused with distinct syrups, jellies, and seasonal specials delivers a uniquely refreshing taste in every sip.

The Bonboncha stand at the Parisian food innovation village held at the Villepinte Paris Nord Exhibition Centre was flooding with crowds relishing Bubble Tea of different kinds.

Bonboncha's stall number was 08, 8B- 069, 82 Avenue Des Nations 93420 VILLEPINTE.

In addition, at this large-scale food event, more than 7,000 exhibitors participated. Companies offered products in several categories, such as grocery, poultry, organic produce, confectionary items, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, dairy products, salted meat, and more, at SIAL Paris 2022. The 7,000 participants launched and showcased more than 400,000 varieties of products.

Thousands of guests from different parts of Europe were present at the fest and were amazed by the variety of beverages that Bonboncha offered. Bonboncha is thrilled with the love it received from the audience for its one-of-a-kind bubble tea.