Bomb Warning: US, UK Warn Citizens to Leave Serena Hotel in Kabul

The United States and the United Kingdom urged their citizens on Monday to avoid hotels in Kabul, notably the well-known luxury hotel Serena. This comes days after dozens of people were killed at Shia Gozar-e-Sayed Abad Mosque in the Afghan city of Kunduz

"US citizens who are at or near the Serena Hotel should leave immediately," the US State Department said, citing "security threats" in the area, according to AFP.

The UK Foreign Office updated its warning not to travel to Afghanistan, saying, "In view of the heightened dangers, you are recommended not to stay in hotels, notably in Kabul (such as the Serena Hotel)."

"The security situation in Afghanistan remains extremely volatile. There is an ongoing and high threat of terrorist attack. The potential for terrorist attacks, particularly around the airport, remains very high."

The department of state and British Foreign ministry said that there are threats of attacks from ISIS-K.

Serena: The Site of Terrorist Assaults

Serena Hotel
Serena Hotel, Kabul Twitter

The Serena is the best-known luxury hotel in Kabul, popular with foreign visitors before the city fell to the Taliban eight weeks ago, reported The Telegraph. Originally built in 1945, it is set in landscaped gardens, overlooking the city's Zarnegar Park. The hotel currently has 177 rooms and suites, according to its Wikipedia page.

In 1979, Adolph Dubs, US ambassador to Afghanistan, was killed at this hotel.

The civil war severely destroyed the hotel, which was extensively repaired and expanded before reopening on November 8, 2005.

It has been the target of terrorist attacks in January 2008 and March 2014.

Dozens Killed in Suicide Bombing at Kunduz Mosque

The security situation in Afghanistan, under Taliban rule, is growing worse. At least 46 people were killed and dozens of others injured in an attack in the northern city of Kunduz, which ripped through a mosque during Friday prayers. It was the worst attack since US troops left the country in August. The Islamic State terror group has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing.

Islamic State said the suicide bomber was a member of China's Uighur Muslim community. It criticized the Taliban for pledging to Beijing that Afghanistan would expel Uyghur militants sheltering in the country, and promised more attacks on Shiites.