Bodycam Footage Shows Florida Sheriff's Deputy Pointing Gun at Pregnant Woman for Traffic Violation

A shocking bodycam footage of Florida Sheriff's deputy showed him pulling a gun on a pregnant woman at a traffic stop followed by a threat to shoot her. The incident was recorded by one of the woman's children on the camera and shared on social media which went viral. The department found him guilty of violating department's standards consequently resulting in his resignation.

Jason DeSue, the deputy at Florida Sheriff's office, tried to stop Ebony Washington, driving from Gainesville to Jacksonville with her kids last week.

Washington was driving at 75 miles per hour against the allowed speed of 55 miles per hour in that zone. But Washington did not stop on the dark road, instead pulled over at a well- lit gas station which annoyed the official.

He reached the spot and waved his gun at her and could be heard shouting in the video that he did not care about the "reason". Washington's children were terrified as they watched the angry cop's retort and one of the kids filmed the confrontation on the mobile.

Sheriff's deputy points gun at pregnant woman

Was Jason DeSue "Mentally Unstable" or "Frustrated"?

The clipping was posted on social media which invited a sharp criticism from the social media followers. They demanded a strict action against the cop for showing the gun to a pregnant woman stating that he should have simply given her a speeding ticket instead of threatening to "shoot". Some even stated that the cop must be "mentally unstable" or taking out his frustration on the woman.

A report published by New York Post referred to the conversation between Washington and the cop. "I'm trying to tell you the only reason why I didn't stop," Washington said. "I'm a very educated woman with a master's degree... I was only not because it's dark out and I have three kids with me. I'm pregnant, and I did not want them to feel uncomfortable. The cop replied, "Shut up about the why," DeSue can be heard yelling at one point. "Don't care about the why." Washington was eventually given a speeding ticket and left, the report stated further.

A Twitter user shared, "A deputy with the Bradford County, Florida Sheriff's Office has resigned after body camera footage showed him pointing a gun at a pregnant Black woman."

Another user expressed resentment adding, 'A FLORIDA DEPUTY RESIGNED FOLLOWING A VIDEO SHOWING HIM PULLING A GUN AND HANDCUFFING A MOTHER DURING A TRAFFICE STOP The Bradford County Sheriff's Office said they saw the video on social media which lead them to pull the dashcam video of the incident."