Bobby Jones on Finding Purpose in Real Estate and Leadership

Bobby Jones

Bobby Jones has built quite a life for himself as a real estate entrepreneur. Now, he is set to expand his horizons with speaking engagements on leadership and motivation. Balancing these two endeavors may be challenging, but Bobby has the work ethic to back it up.

With over twenty years of experience in the real estate industry, Bobby Jones has built multiple successful businesses. Inclusive of a very successful Real Estate appraisal company, Fix and flip company, and multifamily company. Certified and licensed as a realtor, builder, appraiser, and governmental mass appraisal, he is an expert in Real Estate.

Recently, Bobby Jones has been working with eXp Realty. "Elena Cardone's guidance has really taken the company to greater heights. Her work is inspiring, and I am glad I can add to the empire we are building," Bobby said. The company helps its team build passive income because their agents are allowed to own company stock and participate in the revenue-sharing model. Cutting edge technology is also an added benefit.

Bobby Jones chose a career in real estate because it gave him the freedom to pursue his other passions alongside his work as an entrepreneur. "No other business can create cash flow or passive income while allowing me to utilize more time out of my day for other meaningful activities." Time is vital to Bobby, and each hour is planned with dedicated tasks that keep him on track. He starts his day with a cold shower or cold plunge around 4 am, followed by a dedicated time for prayer. "I begin my days with prayer and worship music. Early mornings are also when I read the Bible and reflect on God's word," he shared. Then he exercises for a couple of hours. After that, he takes the time to journal, prepare himself mentally for the day ahead, and spend quality time with his family. "I grind the rest of the day. Networking and work calls, meetings, real estate transactions with clients, it all happens then. I also read and work on books I am writing during these hours." Finally, he ends each day with his 2nd workout and family time, maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

His rigorous schedule and efficient use of time is a testament to his work ethic. "I work hard, and I want others to see that. In doing this, I hope others can see that anything is possible if they do the work and commit to it day in and day out," he shared.

Working this way has helped him learn valuable things. And because he never misses out on any opportunity to educate himself, he has picked up a few other things that make him a better leader. "I feel a calling to lead, and I want to lead by example. So I invest in myself and my growth and constantly move out of my comfort zone. I surround myself with people smarter than me, and I try to live a life of honesty and integrity," he said. These are the values he hopes to impart to the people he encounters.

Becoming a motivational leadership speaker seemed a good fit for his life and his values. Bobby Jones shared, "I have an incredible ability and God given talent to connect with people. I want to use that gift to reach people and help them achieve a purpose driven life along with financial freedom."

Bobby Jones is a motivational speaker, Real Estate Entrepreneur, and a real estate agent with eXp Realty.