Bobby of 'IKON ' releases solo album, becomes first YG star to pursue solo career

Rapper Bobby of IKON, K-pop band becomes the first young artist to release his own solo album with the help of Yang Hyun-suk , owner of YG Entertainment .

iKON's Bobby
iKON's Bobby YG Entertainment

Rapper Boy Bobby of IKON, YG Entertainment's latest boy band releases a solo album and becomes the first YG star to pursue a solo career.

According to a report by The Korea Times, the chief producer and the owner of the entertainment company Yang Hyun-suk has not allowed any of the young YG stars to release solos. Though individual members of YG Entertainment's most flourishing groups BIGBANG and 2NE1 each have solo activities _ especially G-Dragon and Tae Yang from BIGBANG and CL of 2NE1 _

For a long time Bobby has been writing songs for fun and has been sending to Yang for his review and this might have been one of the reasons for Yang to help the young artist among the YG groups IKON and WINNER to become the first person to release a solo album.

"It is an honor for me to release a solo album; I did not write songs intending to release them on an album. I have just enjoyed producing music for a long time and hoped I could share them with fans", said Bobby during a press interview at a cafe in Mapo, Seoul, on Thursday as reported by The Korea Times.

"The biggest difference between Bobby in IKON and Bobby as a solo musician is that I get to express more things of my own and talk about everything I want to when I am alone. When I am rapping in IKON, I only get a few seconds in a three minute song that seven member's share." further added Bobby.

Bobby has taken a new turn in his music career by switching from intense rap music to emotional melodies and lyrics indicating love and relationships.

The title of the album is "LOVE AND FALL" as most of the tracks are about love stories where fall connotes "autumn" which metaphorically signifies breakups and sad emotions of love. Bobby explained that his title as whole denotes that love comes along with breakups and this is the reason why he chose two contrasting words that relate to love for his title.

The album consists of ten tracks where one of the songs' title is "I Love You" which is a light, bright and a summary song which shows a visual demonstration of Bobby happily playing around a beach and in pools.

While "Runway", also Bobby's favourite song among the tracks, on the contrary, begins with a quotation from Psalms before breaking into a dark, thunderstorm-filled scene that illustrates Bobby as a young child looking to run away.

The young rapper expressed, "My friends would always tease me that I am stuck in the practice room dancing and singing and that I cannot go travelling with them. I really wanted to go out with my friends but I was not in a position to, then."

"Honestly, my mom does not like the song "Runaway". It talks about my hardship as a trainee and she feels sad listening to it," he added.

The singer also expressed his regret of an IKON fan's recent announcement on boycotting the K-pop act's souvenirs.

The singer also revealed his heartfelt emotions about the recent incident when an IKON fan announced on boycotting the K-pop act's souvenirs.

"I understand our fans have decided to boycott our souvenirs because they really miss us and want to hear our new songs and we are trying our best to satisfy them. We don't want to disappoint our fans and we are working days and nights to present our best songs as soon as possible." Bobby expressed

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