Bob Saget Was Sick Before Final Performance; Had Long-Covid, Hearing Trouble and Was 'Talking to Himself'

Bob Saget, who was found dead in early January after mysteriously banging his head in his suite at Orlando's Ritz-Carlton, was sick before his last performance and he was seen talking to himself before the event began, revealed his showrunner Rosalie Cocci.

Cocci informed investigators that comedian Saget had complained of ill health in the lead up to his last performance and seemed to be 'talking himself up,' until he felt okay, according to Daily Mail. "He said he had long-term Covid, and it was taking his body a long time to get over it," she said.

Bob Saget
Bob Saget Twitter

Hearing Issue

According to Cocci, Saget had complained that his hearing had been off and that was the case that night and he was asking the sound guys to turn everything up. Saget had a sore throat but he was happy as he had lozenges for the stage.

Saget was seen well when he performed on the stage for two hours as he did not miss a beat and came out very energetic during the show.

Cocci and other members who worked with Saget at his last show have recalled that the comedian appeared joyful in the event.

Saget had recovered from the COVID-19 nearly a few weeks before the death but his postmortem report revealed that he was COVID positive.

Bob Saget
Bob Saget Twitter/@JnetgameSlot

Saget Looked Joyful

Production Co-Ordinator at Saget's last show Richard Stanford has revealed that the only items on Saget's rider were diet coke, regular coke and diet sugar-free Red Bull and sandwiches had been on the list but were removed at the last minute, according to Daily Mail.

Stanford had an hour-long chat with Saget after later's last show ended. Recalling the chats with star, Stanford said he had shown him a few other sizzle reels which he had prepared for another show.

The production coordinator also informed investigators that Saget looked happy as the star revealed about a documentary he was working on and an upcoming Netflix show.

Orange County Sheriff's Office has met many persons who were close to Saget soon before his death. The office has also released audio of interviews it conducted of many people after Saget's death.

However, many have rejected the notion that his death is linked to sickness and presented many conspiracy theories behind Saget's death.

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