Bob Lee: Cash App Founder Died on Operating Table after Medics Stapled His Heart to Shut Stab Wounds as Autopsy Shows He Had Ketamine, Cocaine in His System

Following an autopsy on April 5 and 6, pathologist Dr. Ellen G. Moffatt determined that Lee's death was a homicide due to the numerous stab wounds.

Medial staff in San Francisco gave their best and worked effortlessly for more than four hours to save Cash App founder Bob Lee's life, which included stapling his heart to shut two stab wounds and placing a chest tube before he died on the operation table with ketamine, cocaine and alcohol in his system, autopsy records show.

Lee was visiting San Francisco when he was stabbed three times by another tech executive Nima Momeni on the morning of April 4 and then left for dead. The divorced 43-year-old tech boss frantically dialed 911 just after 2:35 am, for assistance before collapsing to the ground in front of an apartment building.

Shocking Revelations

Bob Lee
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A coroner's report reveals in graphic detail how Lee was stabbed and then eventually died at a nearby hospital. He was found slumped outside an apartment building with no pulse before paramedics took him to the San Francisco General Hospital, where knife cuts were found on his heart and a lung.

Without wasting time, medical staff quickly started the "massive transfusion protocol" before making a significant cut along the left side of the chest to execute a thoracotomy.

They started massaging his heart and gave him an adrenaline shot before taking him to the surgery room.

Bob Lee
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Doctors found Lee had sustained injuries to his lungs and the right ventricle of his heart. According to the report, they placed chest tubes inside and kept working on him until 6:49 am, when they finally declared him dead.

According to the toxicology report, Lee, 43, had cocaine, ketamine, and alcohol in his system at the time of the stabbing but did not die as a result of the drugs.

According to Dr. Kendall Von Crowns, the chief medical examiner in Tarrant County, Texas, the amount of alcohol consumed was similar to one drink, and the ketamine might have been administered as anesthesia in the hospital.

Nima Momeni
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Following an autopsy on April 5 and 6, pathologist Dr. Ellen G. Moffatt determined that Lee's death was a homicide due to the numerous stab wounds.

Clear Case of Murder

Police have since arrested IT entrepreneur Nima Momeni, 38, and have charged him with the murder. Momeni made his court appearance on April 25 in San Francisco.

Khazar Elyassnia
Nima Momeni was likeley introduced to Bob Lee by his sister Khazar Momeni Twitter

The medical examiner's discovery of drugs in Lee's system comes after allegations that he had a romantic relationship with Momeni's sister Khazar Momeni and that the two had visited a drug dealer's house the day before the murder.

It has also been claimed that Momeni and Lee had an argument hours before the stabbing because Momeni was worried his sister had been using drugs.

Momeni is the older brother of Lee's close friend Khazar Momeni, also known as Tina to her friends. He was scheduled to be arraigned at his court appearance on April 25, but his attorneys were successful in getting the date postponed.

Khazar Momeni
Khazar Momeni was in court to support her brother Nima Momeni on Friday Twitter

Lee, a former C-suite executive at Square, was visiting San Francisco before the fatal attack. He spent the late afternoon of April 3 at an apartment on Mission Street where he socialized with acquaintances, including Momeni's sister Khazar, according to the prosecution's motion to deny bond.

Later, Lee left the apartment with a friend and went to his room at the 1 Hotel San Francisco.

The friend, referred to in the petition as "Witness 1," reportedly told police Lee and Momeni discussed picking up his sister from the apartment where they had been in the hotel room.

"Witness 1 said [Momeni] was questioning [Lee] regarding whether his sister was doing drugs or anything inappropriate," the motion states.

According to the investigators, they found that Lee and Elyassnia, who was married, were longtime friends.

Lee allegedly reassured Momeni that nothing "inappropriate" had occurred before continuing his night.

Authorities have not provided any additional information regarding illicit substances involved in the case.

Nima's attorney Canny previously asserted that police had arrested the wrong person.