BoA's Brother, Director Kwon Soon Wook Fighting Stage 4 Cancer, Says Not Much Time Left

Kwon Soon Wook is suffering from peritoneal Cancer which has progressed to Stage 4. As per doctors has only 3-4 months to live.

KPop singer BoA's brother, director Kwon Soon Wook recently took to Instagram to announce that he was suffering from peritoneal Cancer. In the latest post, he said that the disease has advanced to stage 4, and expressed his wish that he doesn't want to die. The news has left fans shocked.

Reacting to messages and support from fans, Kwon Soon Wook wrote on his Insragram, "I have no desire to die right now, but I don't know why doctors are so cold." He expressed doubt about the cure and said, "Do you think this disease will get better? This disease has no cure..."

BoA and her bother Kwon Soon Wook
BoA and her bother Kwon Soon Wook. Instagram

Kwon Soon Wook Expressing Helplessness

Explaining his current condition, Kwon Soon Wook said that if his body resists the anticancer drug being administered now, he will have to prepare his mind. "I understand that as a patient I have a strong will. But I just want the anticancer drug to work so that I can go comfortably without suffering any pain in the body."

He expressed his feelings to fans and said: "However, with your support and advice, I will try my best to the end and try again." The news first broke on May 10, when Kwon Soon Wook wrote on his Instagram handle that he had learnt that he was in a serious condition and did not have much time left.

"The prognosis is not good and at the moment the hospitals have estimated my life expectancy at two or three months. There was no difference in the prognosis whether it was at the hospital where I did my surgery or the other hospitals I visited since," wrote Kwon Soon Wook.

Expressing helplessness he said, "I cannot believe how something like this could happen to me, how something that seems out of a nightmare could be real, but I face the truth every time I wake up."

Kwon Soon Wook has not been able to eat for two months and lost 36 kilograms. His body cannot retain even a drop of water and he has to live with an IV solution. "However, I am continuing what treatment I can until the end, and despite the tears I shed every day through the eternal pain, I am doing my best not to lose hope," he wrote.

He also said that he cried for the first time as he was not able to eat even a spoonful of rice. "I pray that everyone will take good care of their health and not have to endure this pain. Goodbye for now," he ended the post.

BoA Reacts to IG Post

Reacting to brother's post on Cancer BoA commented: "I love you, oppa! We can win this together! I'm definitely going to make you ramyun someday. We have to eat it together. I think that you're a really strong person. The coolest and strongest person I know. Thank you for showing such strength every day."

Work-wise, Kwon Soon Wook has directed music videos including Game and Only One [featuring BoA]. He has also directed albums Twinkle [Girl's Day], Piano Man [MAMAMOO], Be Natural [Red Velvet] to name a few. He has also directed web dramas Bong Soon – A Cyborg in Love and The Reward of Waiting For Love.

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