BMW gets crushed after collision with oncoming train as driver suffers only minor injuries [VIDEO]

The driver of a mangled BMW car that was hit and dragged by a speeding train walks away miraculously, Police Department of Los Angeles posted the video on Twitter

In a viral video making rounds, a BMW is seen run over by a speeding train, but after a while, the driver of the BMW is seen walking alive despite the completely destroyed state of the car. The driver walked out with minor injuries. The video was posted by the Police Department of Los Angeles (LAPD) on Twitter.

Stating the intensity of the accident the LAPD posted: "This could've had a tragic outcome. Fortunately, the driver survived with minor injuries, but this should serve as a good reminder to all of us — pay attention near train tracks, and always obey all traffic signals and devices."

BMW driver suffered minor injuries

BMW accident

In the video, a black BMW is seen taking a turn towards the track. A fast-moving train hit the car while dragging it along. The driver of the car who suffered minor injuries was discharged from the hospital the next day. The post was shared on Twitter on March 5. Reports claim that accident occurred at 10.55 am (Los Angeles Time) near 55th Street and Long Beach Avenue intersection.

An image of the mangled remains of the car was also posted. This picture speaks for itself captioned Commander Marc Reina. With the extent of damage to the car, especially to the front portion of it, it is really a miracle that the driver walked away with just minor injuries.

US witnesses many accidents a year

The US has more than 220 million licensed drivers. The country witnesses tens of thousands of deaths due to accidents every year and nearly 2.5 million get severe injuries due to accidents. Records also claim that car accidents alone result in 40,000 fatalities a year. Traffic accidents kill almost 8,000 people aged between 16 and 20. Most of the fatal car accidents are said to have been reported in Texas and California.

The LAPD page is active on social media and on March 4 it posted another video of arrest for assault with a deadly weapon.

'Arrest for assault has been made in connection with this incident, which occurred Monday evening in the area of Victory Blvd & Laurel Canyon,' read the caption.